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Yunior Ortiz

United States


Yunior was born in Havana Cuba and from a very young age had interest in music, especially for percussion and starting at the age of 9 years he starts studying in different schools in Cuba. At the age of 17 having completed the studies, he started playing professionally, playing timbales for the legendary orchestra of Roberto Faz, with whom he had the joy of participating in several national and international tours. After that he went through other renowned orchestras of Cuban music, touring in several countries in Latin America and Europe.

After moving to Mexico Yunior continues his career as a member of well-known orchestras with which he toured around the country, being director and arranger of several of them.

In 2010 Yunior moves to the United States where, since his arrival, he becomes part of many projects and bands like the legendary singer Roberto Torres band, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Lucy Grau among others and today, and for more than 3 years, Yunior is part of the band of Willy Chirino, famed singer of Cuban origin based in Miami, with numerous awards and an extensive musical career which has participated in several tours inside and outside the country.