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meet the artist Eric Pérez

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Eric Pérez Biography

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Multi-Percussionist Eric Pérez is a young musician on the journey of becoming a master percussionist. Being predominately self-taught in all percussion instruments, Eric studied Music History at Montgomery College.

The son of Salvadoran parents, Eric picked up his first cowbell after his mother gave him one at the age of 7. He was quickly drawn to the world of percussion and began playing in his Local Church at such a tender age. After seeing Tito Puente perform on TV, it gravitated him towards the Timbales and started to imitate the sounds of The King himself by the age of 10. Shortly thereafter, when he was 15, he began playing Congas which in turn caused him to fall in love with the rich history of where that instrument originated from. Highly influenced by Giovanni Hidalgo, Miguel “Anga” Diaz, Paoli Mejias, and Mongo Santamaria, Eric’s style has evolved into a unique approach of Speed, Technique, Clarity, and Melodic aspects.

During his career, Eric has had the opportunity to perform alongside many Gospel and Jazz Artists. In 2014, he did a live recording with Multi-Award Winning Gospel Artist Sonnie Badu whose album (Soundz of Afrika) was being produced by Grammy Award Winning Engineer Danny Duncan. He’s performed with other Gospel Artists like Jonathan Nelson, Darwin Hobbs, Steve McCoy, and Jumbo Ane. As well as Salsa Artists like Ezequiel Colon, David y Abraham, and Antonio y Joel con Labranza.

Eric is currently the Percussionist for Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Tony Craddock Jr. and can be heard featured on his latest album release H2O which was produced by Jazz Guitarist Legend Ken Navarro. He also plays with a local Latin Jazz group “Inner Loop” which is led by composer and arranger Hector Ayerdiz where Eric is featured on many of his album recordings. Since 2009, Eric has been a part of his church council’s music group, IPAO Worship which were the beginnings of the development of his professional career. 

In 2016, Eric decided to begin uploading on his YouTube channel, branding it “A Percussion Life”. It’s a channel mainly based on the development of percussionists and the education of the history behind it. He uploads weekly and covers Tumbaos by all of the Legends past and present; and as well as different combinations and variations you can do on percussion instruments. With over Two Million views and Over 22 thousand subscribers, Eric is slowly making a name for himself as one of YouTube’s top percussion education channels. 

Eric’s core belief is the “element of blessing others” where he shares willingly the knowledge that he learned from experience, music history, and musicians he’s admired all of his life. 

Country: United States

Band: Tony Craddock Jr. & Cold Front


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