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Alexandra Alban & Diego Camacho - "Inka Latin"

    Composed and arranged by Luis Arroyo 
    Piano and keyboards: Luis "Lucho" Arroyo 
    Bass: Pedro Arroyo 
    Trumpet: Carlos Acosta
    Saxophones: Rafael Sandoval 
    Percussion arrangement: Diego Camacho


    The MEINL instruments in the video are:

    • Luis Conte Timbales Stainless Steel (LC1STS) with 8" Steel mambo bell (STB80S), 5 1/4" cha cha bell (SL525-BK) and percussion block low pitch (MPE4R)
    • Turbo Guiro GU9
    • Kachiro Thompson Congas with REMO Black Calfskin Skyndeep heads (included)
    • Vintage Red Woodcraft Bongos (WB400VR-M) with REMO Black Calfskin Skyndeep heads (not included)
    • Steel hand bell (STB785H)


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