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Edwin Clemente - "La Boda"

    Arranged by: Tito Rivera
    Produced and composed by: Edwin Clemente
    Bongo and percussion by: Edwin Clemente
    Lead vocal: Antonio Hernández 
    Vocals: Alex de Castro, Bernie Perez and Osvaldo Roman
    Bass: Ricardo Lugo,
    Piano: Richard Trinidad,
    Congas: Kachiro Thompson
    Trumpets: Piro Rodrigues and Angel Machado.
    Trombones: Jorge Díaz and Rafy Torres.
    Guiro: Bernie Perez 
    Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Rolando Alejandro


    Here is Edwin Clemente playing Timbales on the song "La Boda" 
    The MEINL instruments in the video are: 

    • Professional Series Bronze Timbales (BT1415)
    • 18" Candela Crash Ride (CA18CR)
    • Hammered Cowbell Copper Finish (STB80BHH-C)
    • Steel Finish Cha-Cha Bell (STB45M)
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