Professional Series

Luis Conte, Pro FWB400 and collection CS400

Meinl Artist, Professional and Collection Series bongos are crafted to meet the demands of recording and touring artists. Master percussionist Luis Conte’s signature bongos travel with him and many other top players, as do our Professional Series wood bongos. Meinl professional level bongos come in unique sizes and shapes, featuring a variety of finishes and materials, all with the goal of creating world-class sound.

Luis Conte model Signature

Starting with the Luis Conte signature model, these Siam oak bongos are outfitted with True Skin cow heads and feature the traditional solid woodblock connection, a design element that Luis wanted to include on the bongos bearing his name. Other professional bongos have shells that are contoured to form greater resonance by having a slight hour glass shape.

Collection Series

Our Collection Series bongos showcase beautiful American white ash shells in a matte finish, along with the patented Free Ride Suspension System.

Professional Series

All Professional Series wood bongos come standard with the Free Ride Suspension System and True Skin cow heads.


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