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Cajons are one of the most accessible percussion pieces for hobbyists and a vital tool for professional musicians.


Slaptop Cajons

Made for acoustic sets, small or large theatres, outdoor shows and houses of worship.

by Meinl Percussion T-Shape

The T-shaped Meinl Slaptop Cajon is one of our research and development departments’ greatest achievements which we hold the patent for. It’s designed to bring the playing surface near to the player so he does not have to lean forward when playing, making it far more ergonomic than a normal cajon. The upright playing position is very pleasing for your back. In terms of sound, the Slaptop Cajon is very close to the traditional cajon.

Ergonomic T-Shape

The Slaptop Cajons come with the characteristic T-shape, which allows the instrument to be placed on the lap while sitting. This keeps the back straight and the player sits comfortably upright.

Deep bass and Crisp snare

The playing surface at the top is attached to a resonating chamber at the bottom which enhances bass notes while still providing crisp slap tones. Slaptop Cajons come equipped with either integrated snare wires or strings that span along the length of the playing surface inside the cajon.

Crystal clear sound

Most of the Slaptop Cajons project their sound directly towards the audience so they can enjoy the powerful grooves without interference.

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MEINL Percussion offers a broad variety of Slaptop Cajons: High-end Slaptop Cajons, Slaptop Cajons with forward-facing sound ports, Slaptop Cajons with extra-amplification through a piezo-pickup, or Slaptop Cajons shaped like an "X". Be inspired and have a look.

Vidalita line artisan edition slaptop cajon

This high-end instrument is manufactured in Spain by master cajon builder José “Pepote” Hernandez Diaz. It comes equipped with 8 custom micro-coiled steel snare wires that span the inside length of the cajon’s playing surface giving the instrument perfect response and clear and snappy snare tones.

Turbo slaptop cajon

This cajon is built to enhance low note development and boost a great volume. It has forward-facing sound ports which makes it perfect for acoustic live venues or playing in front of an audience in general.


The pickup version as the name suggests, comes equipped with a passive pickup system that can be plugged into any PA or amplifier through the quarter inch output jack. As you can imagine, this is a great way to reach larger audiences.

hybrid slaptop cajon

The Hybrid Slaptop Cajon features two playing surfaces (snare side and bongo side). One playing surface is equipped with dual internally fixed snare wires and the other side has two different sized resonating chambers which give it an authentic bongo sound. The "X" shape makes it easy to put the instrument between your legs.

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Cajons are one of the most accessible percussion pieces for hobbyists and a vital tool for professional musicians.
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