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Meinl Professional Djembes are adorned with exquisitely hand-carved shells and are expertly hewn from a solid piece of plantation grown mahogany. Their shells undergo additional carving on the inside in order to draw out the best possible sound with the most projection. Artisan Edition models are highlighted by their breathtaking, ornate shells and unique body shapes. 


Meinl Professional African Style Djembes come in medium (10” x 20”) and large (12” x 24”) sizes. Each model is finished with a unique hand-carved element, and the shells are equipped with hand-selected goat skin heads.

The traditional Mali-weave rope tuning system secures the head and may be adjusted as needed. Our master craftsmen shape the inside of the shell in a way to draw out the broadest range of low and high frequencies. 


Artisan Edition Djembes and Tongo Carved Djembes draw attention through their astounding, labyrinthine-like carvings and eye-popping colors. 

Every shell design is carved by hand. 

Our Artisan Edition djembe depicts the epic Hindu legend and love story of Rama and Sita. 
These djembes are truly collectors’ items, and their superb tonal qualities are fit for any performance or recording session.

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