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MEINL Percussion | Artisan Edition Egypt Doumbek | Mosaic Imperial

Cajons are one of the most accessible percussion pieces for hobbyists and a vital tool for professional musicians.


The term „Hybrid Drumming“ is mostly known as the combination of acoustic drums and electronic sounds. MEINL Percussion expands upon this and gives the whole concept a new meaning.

Hybrid drumming at MEINL Percussion stands for drums plus creative percussion effects in all variety. Playing drums is reinvented day by day. The creative possibilities are endless. At MEINL Percussion, we would like to give you ideas and inspiration to see what else is possible.


The world of drummer add-ons is huge and diverse. In the following videos we present you a panoramic view around all instruments offered by MEINL Percussion.

Mountable CowbellS

One of the most well-known percussion instruments in drumsets: the cowbell. Over the years companies created countless models, including MEINL Percussion. The range goes from small, high-pitched variants to larger low-pitched ones to tunable cowbells.

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Ching RingS

Need a little „ching“ in your set? Ching Rings are the perfect addition to your drums. Just put them on the hihat, any cymbal, or even on a drum. They’re available in different timbres.

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Hihat Tambourines

These small tambourines, single row, double row, with steel, brass, sandblasted jingles are very useful companions for every drummer, because they are super easy to mount and create a whole new sound character.

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Mountable Tambourines

Mountable Tambourines nearly look the same as their non-mountable siblings, the difference being they have a single bracket to mount them on a standard percussion rod. The advantage here is that through being mounted, they stand firm and can be directly struck with a stick. The furrowed surface offers the drummer the possibility to create an additional guiro-sound.

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Drummer Timbales

Everyone knows toms and snare drums, but hardly anyone uses the classic timbale sound within a drum set. There are so many awesome possibilities to discover. Just use the drummer timbales as a side snare or change out one or two toms for one or two drummer timbales for some new sonic possibilities.

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Percussion Blocks

A percussion block is often used by big drumlines in the US because of the block’s ability to project.  But they’ve also been used within a drumset context for quite some time now, notably as a clave effect.

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The crasher produces a short, hard „crash“ sound when you strike it with a drumstick. The furrowed surface also provides a very metallic guiro sound. Great for quick accents within a groove.

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AtmoSpheric Sounds

Every piece of music needs transitions and dynamics to provide interesting alternatives to the main theme. Atmospheric sound effects are perfect for this.

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Experimental Sounds 


Creativity never ends. Make your music something very special and blaze paths that hardly anyone else has thought to go down before. The following instruments are particularly suited for all individualists.


You want to try something new with your drummer add-on? Download these notations and start playing cool grooves made by MEINL Artist Stephan Emig.


Microphone Sets

Save space and reduce weight! Our MEINL Percussion Microphone Sets are flexible and give you the ability to fine-tune the placement of your mics in your setup.

Rim Clamps

Grab on to any common drum rim with our Rim Clamps to securely mount accessories, or small cymbals exactly where you need them.


Multi-Clamps are great extensions to attach add-ons to cymbal stands, for example. Thus, no extra stand is needed.

Percussion Rods

Percussion Rods are useful in any situation. Often it just needs a different shape to install the add-on perfectly in your setup.

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Have we given you enough ideas to stir your creative juices, or do you still want to explore more options? You can find all of the instruments mentioned above, and a whole lot more, all filtered by categories.

We are looking forward to redefining hybrid drumming with you. So feel free to share your ideas via social media (@meinlpercussion, #meinlpercussion).

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Cajons are one of the most accessible percussion pieces for hobbyists and a vital tool for professional musicians.
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