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Our MEINL Microphone Clamps are flexible and give you the ability to fine tune the placement of your mics around your setup. The robust clamps firmly attach to any drum set or percussion rim. It's a smart way to save space and reduce weight.

microphone clamp bassdrum

A unique take on mic placement for your kick drum, the MEINL Bass Drum Microphone Clamp consists of a U-shape 3/8” diameter rod with threaded end to attach a microphone, along with a standard bass drum hoop clamp. Easily adjust the distance between your mic and kick drum, and minimize your set up by eliminating the need for an additional microphone stand.

to attach Microphones Designed

Microphone Rods

Designed to attach microphones. Available as a straight, angled, or z-shaped rod 3/8" diameter rod with threaded end.

Microphone Rim Clamps

Strong clamps secures to any drum set or percussion rim. Fine tune the placement of your microphones.

Microphone Rod Counter Nuts

Set of 5 counter nuts. Securely lock your microphone attachments.

Microphone Adapter

Turns your cymbal stand into a microphone stand.

8 mm threaded attachment.

Clamps Microphone

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