BassBoX / SnareBoX Pedal


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  • BassBoX / SnareBoX Pedal

BassBoX / SnareBoX Pedal

The MEINL BassBoX/SnareBoX pedal is the perfect fit for all BassBoX and SnareBoX acoustic stomp boxes from Meinl Percussion. The single chain drive and adjustable spring tension allow you to dial in your comfort zone when playing. This pedal is also equipped to mount the MEINL L-Shaped beaters, specifically designed to play with the BassBox and SnareBoX.?


  • Adjustable spring tension to dial in your comfort zone
  • Perfect for the MEINL BassBoX and SnareBoX
  • Chain drive
  • Equipped to hold the MEINL L-shaped beaters


  • Steel