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  • Cajon Perc Pack

Cajon Perc Pack

You have your cajon, now you're looking to outfit it with essential groove builders and added comfort for long nights. The MEINL Cajon Perc Pack is an add-on bundle comprised of top selling MEINL cajon gear. Included is the MEINL Cajon Pad, Cajon Foot Tambourine, hands-free Motion Shaker, Cajon Castanet, and Artist Series Luis Conte shaker. These items are carefully selected based on their designs that give players freedom to add a multitude of layers to their cajon grooves. This one stop, convenient bundle provides all the fundamental sound options cajon players look for while adding comfort and stability.?


  • Easy groove layering with hands free percussion accessories
  • Anti-slip sitting surface for added comfort
  • Fundamental sound options including tambourine, shaker, and castanet
  • Convenient, one stop bundle


  • WC1-L - Cajon Castanet, Large
  • CFJS2S-BK - Compact Foot Tambourine
  • SH4BK – Luis Conte Live Shaker
  • CAJ-PAD - Cajon Pad
  • MS-BK - Motion Shaker


  • Black