Meinl Percussion

How we make it

Precision is a must


A Lot of work and quality control goes into each meinl conga before it's ready to be packed


Meinl's new RAPC (RADIAL PLY CONSTRUCTION) features 5 layers that create super strong but lightweight bongo shells with enhanced resonance

RAPC Bongos

the parts are meassured an marked for drilling


the interior is hollowed out


some designs are engraved by mechanical burin

Darbukas / Doumbeks

preparing a special glue for the mother of pearl mosaic

Artisan edition doumbeks

engraving beautiful ornaments on the bayan


snare wires are hammered into grooves cut into the cajon body

artisan edition flamenco cajons

the parts are meassured an marked for drilling


pre-tuning of a bendir with our internal tuning system

Frame drums

only highest grade hides are used for our artisan edition frame drums

artisan edition tars & mizhars

rollers from the body flanges, which are important for stability and a proper dry cascara sound


putting the logo on a rebolo


the tambourines are assembled by hand


we use a deep penetrating automatic feed welding process for a super strong stream


putting a layer on resin on the head to enable special playing techniches

artisan edition tambourines

every meinl didgeridoo / rainstick is a hand-painted unique piece of art

didgeridoos / rainsticks