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MEINL Percussion | Chrome & Steel Finish Cowbell | 7 1/2" Salsa Timbale

Cajons are one of the most accessible percussion pieces for hobbyists and a vital tool for professional musicians.
Djembes are a fundamental percussion instrument with immense popularity throughout the music community because of their accessibility and wide range of sounds that blend with just about any type of music.
What is a Facilitator?
A facilitator creates an inclusive atmosphere in the Drum Circle in which everyone feels comfortable and can freely develop their own sense of rhythm. He or she leads and accompanies at the same time. We are proud to work together with our facilitators and spread rhythm worldwide.

Meinl Percussion


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Stomp Box Sets NEW

We have two new Stomp Box Sets available which include everything needed for any acoustic/unplugged situation. Perfect for acoustic shows, jam sessions or street performances.

Digital Stomp Box: Choose between five pre-programmed percussion samples, including kick drum, cowbell, hihat, tambourine and crash cymbal.


Stomp Box: An analog signal gives the pedal a naturally deep stomping sound, along with its solid mahogany body.



The sets come with the wooden Stomp Box Mount the Meinl Pedal and a beater to give you a real bass drum feeling. Available with an Analog Stomp Box and a Digital Stomp Box.


One of the big highlights in 2021 will be the new FX20 Effects Pedal. This Pedal puts the power to add percussion at the feet of any musician. Toggle between ten pre-programmed percussion samples plus additional ten custom samples of your own.


Included is a microSD card to load custom sounds. An A/B switch keeps the two sample lists separate and allows you to easily change between them.

The dynamic steel pedal has a sensitive and smooth spring back with no sound interference, while the trigger responds seamlessly to any rhythmic pattern. Perfect for multi-instrumentalists and percussionists.

Pickup Djembe NEW

A boost of volume is sometimes needed for outdoor percussion performances or live shows. This 100% synthetic djembe is outfitted with a Piezo pickup and quarter-inch input and output jacks + volume control to plug into an amp or PA.


Tuning is made simple with the mechanically tuned synthetic head. It delivers booming lows and popping highs – perfect for drum circles or large-scale performances.

Pickup Cajons NEW

The new Pickup Cajons (Woodcraft, Snarecraft, Jam) give players a warm tonal quality, a focused sound and a wide dynamic range. In addition, this means that there are different sizes for different uses and ages: The Woodcraft Cajon with custom micro-coiled cajon strings is more of a flamenco cajon, the Snarecraft Cajon with two internal snare sets is especially perfect for Rock & Pop music and the Jam Cajon is a great choice for beginners and on the road jams.

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Digital Cajon NEW

This full-sized cajon is completely digital to expand your sound options in an instant and allow for silent practice.

The MEINL Percussion Digital Cajon body is made of birch and is equipped with four rubber trigger pads on the playing surface that respond with pre-programmed digital samples of MEINL instruments and other drums.


When it’s time for practice or silent playing by yourself, plug your headphones into the cajon through the eighth-inch headphone jack, and enjoy the rich sounds while not disturbing anyone around you.

Pickup Cajon Snare NEW

Open up your cajon playing to new possibilities with the MEINL Pickup Cajon Snare.

Dual internal sets of snares with throw-off switch, an upright playing position and responsive American White Ash playing surface combine the sound of a snare drum with the warmth of a cajon. The wood surface is textured to get a crisp brush sound, and the hollow body produces a warm snare tone. A passive Piezo pickup system with bass and snare tone control allows you to mix and boost your sound through an amp or PA system.

You can also mount the Pickup Cajon Snare on any common snare stand.


Speaker cajon new


Play along to your favorite songs or loops with the MEINL Percussion Speaker Cajon!

Housed inside this 100% Baltic birch snare cajon are two 4.5” 20-watt speakers that you can play music through using your phone. Great for practicing to music, adding loops to your acoustic set or just to have fun playing along to your favorite songs.


A control panel at the top of the cajon gives you the ability to easily manage your music and volume as you play.

Instrument Cables new

Perfect for MEINL Percussion instruments with pickups, the MEINL Percussion Instrument Cable gives you crystal-clear sound with a no-hassle design for live and studio settings:

Reliable and sturdy, these cables are designed to create a seamless response between your instruments and amplifiers or PA sound systems. These are available in a 5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft and 30ft length.

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Cable set new

This 5-piece instrument cable set will complete the MEINL Cocktail Cajon Kit. Included are MEINL Percussion Instrument Cables of varying length to allow you to easily plug every pickup instrument included in the MEINL Cocktail Cajon Kit into a PA sound system.


Merger new

When your setup requires multiple percussion audio inputs, the MEINL Percussion Merger is a convenient device that combines all of your signals into one output to feed to an amp or PA system. Contains six inputs, one multi XLR output, one AUX in and ensures a crystal-clear sound.


Cajons New

The cajon market is still booming and very important for us. Every day we consider how we can expand this with targeted developments.

For next year we will introduce „Burl Wood“ as a new finish within the Snarecraft , Jam and Mini Cajon Series.

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Artisan Edition Cajons NEW

MEINL Percussion Artisan Edition Cajons are handmade in Spain under the care of master luthier, Jose Hernandez Diaz. The uncompromising craftsmanship results in a percussion piece with an ability to give back to the player more than what’s put in; their refined tone and feel come effortlessly.


Two new beautiful finishes, Grey Eucalyptus and Brown Eucalyptus, are available within the Tango Line. The 7-Ply, 9 mm thick Baltic Birch body develops the sound into a full, punchy tone that projects with clarity and warmth. 


Cantina Line NEW

There is also a new designed Cantina Line with front soundports for maximized bass sounds. A decorative wood inlay adds a touch of elegance to the overall appearance. The resonating body is made of 9-Ply, 12 mm thick Baltic Birch. 


Tambourine Holder Set NEW

The MEINL Percussion Tambourine Holder Set is very easy to set up. Just place the tambourine in between the four foam holders, turn the tambourine to yourself, facing the jingle-side, then use your foot or hand to easily tap on the tambourine and expand your sound possibilities.

If you want to use a tambourine other than the one supplied, you can remove some of the four foam holders to make room for a larger handle.


Footpedal Beaters NEW

Additionaly we introduce two new L-shaped beaters, one with a hard Hammer beater head and one with a soft Woolly Mammoth beater head. The unique L-shape design ensures you get flush contact on percussion instruments like the MEINL Percussion BassBox and SnareBox.


Djembes NEW

Alpine Series Djembe New

Going from a hot car to a cool, dark venue? No problem. A 100% synthetic shell and head is central to the design of MEINL Percussion Alpine Series Djembes so that you don't have to worry about temperature, playing in high humidity or dashing for cover over the slightest sprinkle of rain.

In addition to our popular 10" Alpine Series Djembe models, there are now also 12" models for each finish available.

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JR. Djembe New

Portable with big sound, great tone, and lightweight synthetic shell, the MEINL Percussion JR. Djembe is the perfect instrument to grab and go for any occasion. It’s available in the great Simbra finish.


Diego Galé Signature
Congas & Bongos NEW

The sound of our Diego Galé Signature Congas and Bongos is rich and dynamic, full of popping highs and warm lows for both studio and live situations.

Grammy-nominated producer, composer, and instrumentalist Diego Galé has devoted his artistic life to the knowledge of Afro-Cuban music to integrate it with his special way of creating music with flavor. He wanted his signature models to be wood because of its classic and original sound that represents the roots of his musical journey. Made with chamchuri wood and equipped with brushed nickel finish hardware, the shells have a stunning and unique look.

Congas                        Bongos

The congas have the classic MEINL shape to the shell and come in two versions: with buffalo skin heads or Remo® Fiberskyn® Symmetry heads. The body material is made of beautiful Chamchuri wood.

The bongos come with calfskin heads or Remo® Fiberskyn® Symmetry heads. The body material is made of beautiful Chamchuri wood.

Timbale Heads New

These synthetic Timbale Heads were specially developed for the MEINL Percussion Timbales to create a clear optical contrast in the setup.

The black design will give your timbales a unique look. Available in 8“ and 10“ for your MEINL Percussion Mini Drummer Timbales and 13“, 14“ as well as 15“ for your traditional MEINL Percussion Timbales.

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Doumbeks New

The MEINL Percussion Artisan Edition Doumbeks are made in Egypt. The authentic mosaic artwork finish is created with mother of pearl inlays. The Doumbek itself is cast of solid aluminum and has a quality heft and beautiful tone that serious players will love.

There are three models available (two with a white mosaic design and one with a very complex blue mosaic design). Additionally, we offer you three synthetic heads for these Doumbeks in White, Black and Clear.

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Framedrums New

Artisan Edition Riq Drum NEW

Outstanding traditional sounds and looks from the MEINL Percussion Artisan Edition Riq Drum come with an effortless touch.

Rooted in Arabic folk and classical music, this drum features ten pairs of rich and cutting brass jingles with a special textured finish. The wood shell is finished in an exquisite white pearl mosaic royale motif.


Tamburello New

Another great addition to our frame drum category is the MEINL Percussion Tamburello.

With its unique variety of sounds, it is used in a wide variety of musical styles. The MEINL Percussion Tamburello comes in a natural wooden Siam Oak frame in Walnut Brown.


Hand percussion NEw

Every musician who wants to add some color to his tone, needs hand percussion in his setup.

Dual Chamber Shaker New

The inside of the Dual Chamber Shaker is divided into two chambers with equal amounts of filling in each. Having dual chambers allows for greater shaker control so you execute consistent rhythms easier with ultra-smooth shaker sounds.


Sleigh Bells NEW

The MEINL Percussion Sleigh Bells ring rich and full, for a true sleigh bell sound. A positive, ergonomic grip assures dynamic control. These bells are a great addition for groups singing holiday favorites door-to-door or on the town square. Their sound will cut through the air with abundant clarity, volume and a touch of warmth as they ring in the holiday season.


Fiberglass Guiro NEW

The MEINL Percussion Fiberglass Guiro offers three different striking surfaces for enhanced sounds. The padded grip holes offer great comfort while playing.


Egg shakers NEW

Egg shakers add colorful rhythms to all music and can be played by anyone, regardless of skill level. Easy to hold and durable with a crystal-clear sound. These sets of 24 egg shakers are great for group or classroom percussion.


Hardware New

Giving musicians the best possibility to place their instruments in their setup. This was our approach for the following new hardware products.

Didgeridoo Stand NEW

The MEINL Percussion Didgeridoo Stand keeps your didgeridoo easily accessible and out of harm’s way. The stable aluminum dual leg base and support elevate your didgeridoo off the ground. The height and angle are adjustable.


Microphone Clamp NEW

With the MEINL Percussion Microphone Clamp, a microphone is attached directly to the sound hole of a cajon, making a microphone stand unnecessary from now on. The adjustable padded clamp firmly and safely attaches to your cajon and can accommodate all common cajon ports.


Standard Frame Drum Holder NEW

Easily add a frame drum or traditional wood tambourine to your setup with the MEINL Percussion Standard Frame Drum Holder. The padded clamp ensures a safe and strong grip. The standard 3/8” eye bolt mount secures to any percussion rod.


Microphone Sets New

Our MEINL Percussion Microphone Cymbal Clamp Set and Microphone Drumset Clamp Set are flexible and give you the ability to fine tune the placement of your mics around your setup. The robust clamps firmly attach to any drum set or percussion rim. It's a smart way to save space and reduce weight.



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Cajons are one of the most accessible percussion pieces for hobbyists and a vital tool for professional musicians.
Djembes are a fundamental percussion instrument with immense popularity throughout the music community because of their accessibility and wide range of sounds that blend with just about any type of music.
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